The BBC's leftie elite doesn't report the real news – it shapes it

IF there was any doubt the BBC is a blundering, woke mess of an organisation, no longer fit for purpose, then the last seven days should have changed your mind.

As 90 per cent of the country reacted in fury to liberal snobs in London deciding singing Rule, Britannia! or Land Of Hope and Glory makes us backward racists who tacitly approve of slavery, the corporation’s own news broadcasts virtually ignored the unholy row.

And that’s the real crux: The BBC no longer reports the real news of the UK, it tries to shape it.

What do the Guardian-reading, quinoa- munching vegans of London’s Islington THINK we should care about? And what do they BELIEVE happened?

Forget opinion polls and ignore facts on the ground, but listen to extremist lobby groups and the woketopians who spend all day outraging each other on Twitter.

Outgoing Director-General Tony Hall — the man who oversaw the BBC as it completely missed the result of the Brexit referendum and the rise and rise of Boris Johnson — this week claimed the corporation can be the voice of the British public.

He doesn’t understand that under his tenure he has lost control of the Beeb’s biased news service.

Take Newsnight, now a rogue, partisan operation that represents everything that’s wrong about the BBC.

The nightly news show is shamelessly out of touch, moronically preachy and totally hypocritical.

As a result, very few people watch it — but it’s the toast of Beeb journos and left-wing social media, giving it undeserved influence over our daily news agenda.

Despite her dressing-down over that outrageous Dominic Cummings monologue, Emily Maitlis is considered untouchable by executives.

No one dares warn her that constant unbalanced questioning of Tory politicians and right-wing commentators is putting the very future of the Beeb under threat.

And then there’s Lewis Goodall, the left-wing operative turned Newsnight policy editor who last week was allowed to author a feature for the New Statesman magazine headlined: “Failed. How the Government’s ineptitude created a lost generation.”

As Theresa May’s former communications chief Sir Robbie Gibb put it: “Is there anyone more damaging to the BBC’s reputation for impartiality than Lewis Goodall?”

I’ve read the thinly veiled left-wing think piece so you don’t have to.

Goodall’s main thesis is to try to link the Covid-created A-level exams situation to the Windrush scandal.

If it had been written by Owen Jones in the Guardian, I’d understand.

But a full-time BBC staff member who we are consistently told is an impartial journalist, with no bias against the Government? Puh-lease! We cannot suspend our disbelief any longer.


One thing Newsnight does best is sanctimony.

We saw it again this week as the show’s editor, Esme Wren, planned to host a navel-gazing session at the Edinburgh TV Festival called Reporting Racism: TV Journalism And Black Lives Matter.

Only problem is that Newsnight, for all its left-wing posturing, is the most middle-class, white news broadcast on the box.

In fact, an investigation by the Mail on Sunday revealed the programme has NO non-white presenters and has been nicknamed NewsWhite behind the scenes.

So a bunch of privately educated, rich, privileged members of the London liberal media elite — the very definition of champagne socialists — are on a nightly basis doing untold harm to the reputation of the BBC.

But it’s too late now, the damage is done.

The BBC hates everything we love about Britain.

They are repelled by patriotism. They cannot stand anyone who dares not vote Labour or Lib Dem.

They will never forgive Brexit voters for destroying their European fantasy.

And they fetishise Nicola Sturgeon’s unrealistic idea of Scottish independence.

But this week, as Dame Vera Lynn’s version of Land Of Hope And Glory hurtled towards the top of the iTunes chart, the fight back began.

Condolences, Ed

SINCERE condolences to Sir Ed Davey on winning the Liberal Democrat leadership yesterday.

My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

We're all praying for brave Sarah

SARAH Harding is the fighter of the entertainment industry.

Vulnerable to a fault, during her time in Girls Aloud she shared her many trials and tribulations with that trademark throaty laugh and a glint in her eye.

Unlike so many pop stars, there was never a hint of ego. In fact, Sarah is her own harshest critic.

To discover that over the past few months she has privately been fighting the biggest battle of her life – breast cancer that has spread across her body – was truly a punch- in-the-guts moment for my generation, who idolised Sarah, Cheryl, Nadine, Kimberley and Nicola.

I pray that she overcomes the odds, as she always has in her varied and accomplished career.

And then reunites with Girls Aloud, as planned, for the band’s 20th anniversary in 2022.

Wootton's week

It's time to go it alone, Meghan

THE great irony about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s newly revealed courtship with Jeremy Corbyn is that he’d love to see the monarchy abolished and Harry’s gran see out her days living in a council house.

But so craven are Harry and Meghan for left-wing approval, they appeared to relish the post-Megxit support from the former Labour leader.

New book Left Out: The Inside Story Of Labour Under Corbyn reveals that at the Commonwealth Day Service in March, where Prince William infamously snubbed the couple, Corbyn’s wife Laura Alvarez, gave them a book about the 17th Century Mexican poet Juana Ines de la Cruz, “a nun whose willingness to attack the hypocrisies of the colonial classes had made her a target for establishment hate”.

Harry and Meghan later sent a personal note of “great thanks” to Jeremy and Laura, writing: “Cruz is a fascinating historical figure, and we look forward to learning more about her life and works. Thanks for the support.”

That revelation came one day after Meghan made her first intervention into this year’s US election, with a not-at-all-subtle anti-Trump message to American voters, suggesting: “We all know what’s at stake this year”.

I have long been told by those close to her that Meghan harbours political ambitions and would one day like to end up in elected office.

Which is absolutely fine.

But to continue to use the Duchess title and represent the Queen on the Commonwealth Trust is highly inappropriate.

I’d have great respect if she would cut the cords entirely and become a political activist (and potentially a candidate in the future) without causing a massive diplomatic headache for the Royal Family.

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