Thousand Islands communtiy organization hands out free ‘No Wake’ signs

With St. Lawrence River levels still high, a homeowners’ association is taking steps to help prevent shoreline erosion.

The Thousand Islands Association is offering “No Wake” signs free of charge to people who have homes along the river. Eastern Lake Ontario has now surpassed record levels from 2017 and it could be another week or two before water levels peak.

This comes after the Mayor of Leeds and Thousand Islands Corinna Smith-Gatcke asked Transport Canada to put a temporary no-wake zone on the St. Lawrence to protect properties adjacent to the waterway.

For more than a month the St. Lawrence River has been above normal water levels.

Transport Canada has not implemented a no-wake zone in the area, but according to Smith-Gatcke, MP for the region Michael Barrett is planning on bringing the issue to parliament.

The signs can be picked up at the Thousand Islands Boat Museum, Peck’s Marina and Ed Huck Marine.

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