Tiny studio up for rent for £130 a WEEK in posh West London – with the shower next to the dining room table

THIS tiny studio flat has gone up for rent for £130 a week in posh West London but it has a few major catches.

The single-bed studio flat has the dining table right next to the shower and it's also missing a few vital facilities.

So it just as well it's for "one renter only" as taking a shower while someone is eating may be a bit of challenge.

Another crucial facility is nowhere to be seen or listed is a toilet. It states a "shower en-suite" but not with separate room or hint of a loo.

The "kitchen" stretches about a metre and is made up of a few cabinets in a hole in the wall as well as a hob but sadly no oven in case you were planning on any roasts this winter.

But if basic amenities are less important to you, it does boast high ceilings, a sash window, recently refurbished floors and of course an abundance of classy bars and cafes as you step out of your Kensington flat.

But other one-bed flats with normal hygiene and cooking amenities in the area easily go for £500 a week and more – so priced at a fifth of that, it's a snatch.

Similarly, another "one bed and one bathroom" in Islington, north London, had potential renters scratching their head as it neither had any loo on the premises.

It also had a shower inside the bedroom right next to a small dining table and chairs.

And despite having a small kitchen joined to the bedroom, there was no sign of actual room with a sink or toilet.

Unlike this one though, the Islington pad does have an oven, so if renters were looking for a place where they can be sure their pizza doesn't burn while taking a quick shower, this pad has got it covered.

If you prioritise location over interior, another Welsh gem with stunning views is on sale at a discount price.

As long as you don't mind having to nip outside to use the toilet.

The ladies' room is hidden in the shed, there's also no shower or bath or connected water.

There's too much room to swing a cat in the kitchen or the bedroom, but the living room does have enough space for an electric fire, arm chair, sofa and even a Welsh dresser.

The estate agent describes the cottage as in need of complete renovation – and could be a fun "fixer-upper" project.

With space in the rear garden, the cottage could be extended into the garden to create a larger kitchen, bedroom and install a shower room.

And with some clever design to maximise any additions to the floor plan, should planning permission allow.

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