Top GOP aide posts pic showing 8 election ballots mailed to same home and 'ZERO ballots were for the current resident'

A TOP GOP aide posted a picture showing eight election ballots mailed to the same home and "zero ballots were for the current resident."

Nathan Brand posted a photo of the ballots to Twitter in response to a tweet from a journalist showing a similar situation in his home.

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Brand tweeted the caption: "A Washington, DC friend had EIGHT ballots sent to her apartment. ZERO ballots were for the current resident."

The comments come after an FBI probe has been launched after mail-in ballots cast for Donald Trump were allegedly trashed by a temporary worker.

The incident in the swing-state Pennsylvania has added fuel to Trump's efforts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the upcoming election which he said was susceptible to fraud.

The FBI was contacted on Monday amid concerns about "potential issues with a small number of mail-in ballots at the Luzerne County Board of Elections".

Of the nine ballots found in the dumpster next to the elections building seven were cast for Trump.

Today Luzerne County Manager C. David Pedri said the worker began on September 14 but the error was discovered by Luzerne County Elections Director Shelby Watchilla two days later.

He said: "Ms Watchilla immediately began an internal inquiry and informed her direct supervisor. 

"The temporary independent contractor was removed from service and informed not to return."

The discovery has added to doubts about the legitimacy of the upcoming election because of an increase in mail voting because of Covid-19.

Following the news, Trump tweeted: "Cheating on Unsolicited Ballots by political hacks, or anyone else, is against the law. We are closely watching!"

He has often asserted that widespread mail-in voting, encouraged by Democrats because of Covid-19 risks, will lead to fraud.

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