Tory MP Paul Bristow takes on critic in a wrestling ring

Bizarre moment Tory MP Paul Bristow steps into the ring to take on ‘loud mouthed wrestler’ who criticised his constituency as his supporters urge him to challenge Boris Johnson to a ‘hair versus hair’ match

  • Tory MP Paul Bristow unhappy with criticism of Peterborough from pro wrestler
  • Confronted Joey Scott in wrestling ring but was beaten down and forced to leave
  • But he later got his revenge as he helped Scott’s rival secure a pin fall victory
  • Mr Bristow now being urged by supporters to challenge Boris Johnson to match 

A Tory MP has gone to extraordinary lengths to defend the reputation of his newly-won constituency as he took on a pro wrestler who criticised Peterborough. 

Paul Bristow, 40, won the seat for the Conservatives at the 2019 general election and he took great exception to wrestler Joey Scott’s trash talk about the area. 

As a result he stepped into the ring last Friday to take on the ‘loud-mouthed bully’ – but was swiftly beaten down and forced out of the squared circle. 

However, he got his revenge as he returned to the ring later in the evening to interfere in Scott’s match. 

Scott tried to hit Mr Bristow with a steel chair but the MP ducked and then helped the wrestler’s rival secure a pin fall victory as he administered the successful three count.

Mr Bristow today suggested he may not be done with his potential wrestling career as he said he was now under pressure to challenge Boris Johnson to a fight for charity. 

Joey Scott criticised Peterborough in comments which drew the ire of the city’s MP, Tory Paul Bristow

But Mr Bristow’s decision to confront the pro-wrestler did not go well as he was swiftly beaten down

Mr Bristow responded to criticism from Scott ahead of their confrontation by saying:  ‘He is talking me down, he is talking down my city. My mother always taught me to stand up to bullies. 

‘That’s the way I was brought up and that is what I am going to do tonight.’ 

Scott then told the MP on the night as they both stood in the ring that he had ‘had just about enough of politicians’ as he proceeded to attack the Conservative backbencher. 

Mr Bristow told Sky News today that ‘loud-mouthed bully’ Scott was trying to ‘make a name for himself by calling me out on Twitter and criticising my city’.

‘I wasn’t going to have that so I called him out and met him in the wrestling ring,’ he added. 

Mr Bristow said Peterborough was ‘interesting way before Joey Scott showed up and I made that clear’. 

‘The people of Peterborough stand up to bullies. The people of Peterborough are proud of their city and I wanted to make that clear in the wrestling ring.’ 

The MP said he feared he would be booed when he went to the ring but the crowd supported him. 

He said: ‘It was quite funny to begin with. The promoter said to me “you should go out and talk a little bit about Peterborough and be perhaps a goodie”. 

‘I said “I am a Conservative MP, they are going to boo me”. They did for a little bit but I won them around talking about my city. 

But Mr Bristow got his revenge later in the evening as he managed to avoid getting hit with a chair before helping Scott’s rival secure a victory 

Mr Bristow won the Peterborough seat for the Conservative Party at the 2019 general election

‘And when Joey Scott came out and started talking down Peterborough and I stuck up for them, they were firmly on my side.’ 

Mr Bristow is now being urged to challenge the Prime Minister to a wrestling match with all the proceeds going to charity.  

The Tory MP said people wanted it to be a ‘hair versus hair’ match which would see the loser forced to shave their head. 

‘Some people have suggested to me my next move could be a hair versus hair match with Boris Johnson for charity but he is bigger than me,’ he said. 

‘I wouldn’t fancy my chances on that one.’

Asked if he was directly calling out the PM, a laughing Mr Bristow replied: ‘I am definitely not calling out the Prime Minister. He is doing a marvelous job.’

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