Tragic Alesha’s mother discovered she was dead on Bute over Facebook

‘Someone tell me what’s happened, that’s my daughter!’: Tragic Alesha’s mother discovered she was dead after pleading for answers on Facebook only for user to post heartbreaking news

  • Alesha’s grandmother Angela King asked for help on Facebook at about 7.30am
  • The six-year-old’s body was found by a member of public on the Isle of Bute  
  • An hour after the news broke Alesha’s mother was asking what had happened to her little girl on Facebook and pleading with the grandmother for information

The heartbroken mother of a six-year-old girl found dead on an island in Scotland found out her daughter was missing and later found dead over Facebook. 

Alesha MacPhail disappeared shortly after 6am on Monday from aflat near Rothesay, on the Isle of Bute.

The child had been staying with her paternal grandparents, Angela King and Calum MacPhail, when she was reported missing from their top floor flat.

Angela King appealed for help from the tight-knit community as neighbours and friends began looking for the girl.

Her father Robert MacPhail was seen ‘white as a sheet’ calling his daughter’s name.

However, a body was found about half a mile away from the grandparents’ home at around 9am on the site of a disused hotel – the former Kyles of Bute Hydropathic Hotel.

The news broke at around 11.30am.

An hour later, Alesha MacPhail’s mother Georgina Lochrane, 23, commented on Mrs King’s post – asking what had happened to her daughter.

She said: ‘Someone tell me whats happened that’s my daughter.’ 

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Alesha MacPhail went missing from a flat in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute on Monday morning sparking a frantic search 

The mother of Alesha appealed for help on Facebook – unaware her daughter had gone missing

Facebook users were stunned the mother had to find out about her daughter’s tragic death on social media although the family claimed they attempted to contact her

Alesha was staying with her grandparents Angela King and Calum MacPhail (pictured) when she went missing

Alesha’s mother was unaware she was missing until she logged onto Facebook and began asking for answers 

Georgina Lochrane found out about her daughter’s death on Facebook as she demanded answers from her ex partner’s family

Alesha, six, was staying with her grandparents on the island during the school holidays while hundreds of tourists flock to the area 

Another Facebook user posted a link to a story by the Daily Record which said police were hunting for the girl, and that a body had been found.

An hour later, Georgina, known as Genie posted again: ‘Angela answer me now.’

  • Body of missing Alesha, six, is found in woodland hours…

    ‘I’ll fight to the end to find my daughter’: Father of…

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Followed by: ‘That is my f****** daughter.’ 

Shocked posters on Facebook were outraged the mother did not have any answers.

Kelly Maddocks wrote: ‘Absolutely disgusted that this poor baby’s mummy has had to read her baby is missing and then to find she has passed away!!!! Heartbroken for you Genie Lochrane.

Police Scotland forensics officers examine the woods where 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail was found on the Isle of Bute

‘I don’t know you or your family but you should never have read anything about your wee girl, without hearing it firsthand… Especially before Facebook!!! God bless.’

Members of Angela’s family claimed the grandparents had tried to make contact with Alesha’s mother as police cordoned off the old hotel in the woodlands. 

Miss Lochrane who is based in Coatbridge, has since been escorted from her home to the island by police, the Daily Record reports.

It is believed that Alesha lives in Lanarkshire and was spending part of the summer holidays on the island.

Hundreds of tourists visit the island every day in the summer. 

A body was found in the search for Alesha around a 20 minute walk from the grandparents home

Police were reportedly stopping people as they disembarked from the ferry from the island, asking for information. 

The hotel where she was found demolished in the 1970s, is only around 20 minutes’ walk from Miss King and Mr MacPhail’s home.

The house where Alesha was staying has now been cordoned off and one police van was seen parked outside. 

Forensic officers have been called in to try and establish what happened to the child

The tragedy has stunned the tiny community of around 7,500 people, who say the island suffers ‘hardly any crime’.

Messages on the floral tributes laid outside the home on Ardbeg Road read ‘sleep tight little angel’ and ‘forever in our thoughts’.

A local resident, who knows Alesha’s grandmother and arrived with her family to lay flowers at the scene, added: ‘The whole of the Island of Bute is in complete shock.

‘Alesha’s father Robert is just a brilliant guy and worshipped the ground she walked on. They were happy together. This doesn’t happen here.

‘We are a close-knit community and it takes five minutes for news to spread here.

‘The whole community will stand together I know that. That is what the island is like.’

June McKenzie, who lives nearby, said: ‘We were woken up at 7am and we were told she was missing, could we look for her.

A Facebook appeal was put out in the early hours of the morning after the child went missing 

Alesha MacPhail was staying with her grandparents when she went missing. Her father joined the search for her in the morning 

‘I looked in the garage and workshop and we saw that the search and rescue helicopter was out.

‘I can’t believe it. Her poor parents and gran. It’s just appalling – somebody that young.

‘The island’s just down and will be for some time. Everybody just sticks together.’

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