Tragic dog’s swollen snout leaves it unable to eat or drink as appeal launched

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A dog has been left with a swollen snout which means it is unable to eat or drink.

The street dog from Singapore, called Mandai Mama, has a growth on its face which has caused the problem.

Photos show the tragic animal drooling due to its condition.

A charity says the pooch is now receiving treatment from vets and will hopefully have surgery soon, as it launched an appeal for donations.

The shelter Causes for Animals said the dog was initially taken off the streets and sterilised, before being returned to the area.

But it explained she had recently reappeared with a swollen snout.

In a Facebook post, the animal shelter said: "Mandai Mama is a street dog in the Northern part of Singapore.

"She was originally part of our TNRM programme where we had sterilised her and returned her to the area under the care of her feeders.

"Recently, Mandai Mama appeared with a swollen snout that was inhibiting her eating and drinking.

"She has since been caught and is now undergoing treatment at Animal World Veterinary."

The post continued: "The vets have done a Biopsy and we hope we can have the growth removed.

"This will cost us quite a bit as the growth covers a large surface area.

"We hope you will help us help Mandai Mama so she can hopefully enjoy her meals real soon without the lump causing her further discomfort."

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Social media users donated to a fundraiser for the dog and wished her a "speedy recovery".

Meanwhile, a blind charity in the UK recently announced it is looking for volunteers to care for 10 Labrador puppies for a year.

Guide Dogs is recruiting "Puppy Raisers" living in Rugby, Warwickshire who can look after guide dog pups during the first year of their life.

The volunteers teach the dogs basic commands and help them get used to the outside world.

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