Trump says he will keep tariffs against China if elected to second term

President Trump said he won’t let up on China if he wins a second term in the White House and vowed to continue pressing tariffs against the communist-led nation.

During an appearance Thursday on Fox Business, Trump was asked by host Maria Bartiromo about what tools he plans to use to create jobs and re-energize the economy that has been devastated during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, I’m going to use tariffs on China, because they want to take them off. We’re getting billions of dollars. I was going to tell you that we got $28 billion,” he said. “I gave all of the money to the farmers and we had $10’s of billions leftover, which goes into the Treasury.”

Trump talked about the trade war he waged with China and said Beijing broke trade agreements he had negotiated, but he still managed to hammer out a good deal for farmers and manufacturing.

He said China wants to keep him content because they are well aware of how tough he can be.

“Two weeks ago they made the largest order of corn in history – the largest order of soybeans in history – because they want to keep me happy. Because they know that I’m a hair trigger when it comes to them, and I’m sick of them. Everything that we have, we have that COVID, the China virus because of them. You look back at other infections that we’ve gotten because of them, this isn’t the first time,” he said.

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