Trump tells fans ‘we’ll never give in to left-wing mob’ toppling statues and warns ’10 years is a long time in jail’ – The Sun

DONALD Trump assured his supporters that "we'll never give in to left-wing mob" toppling Confederate statues. 

Speaking at his Arizona rally on Tuesday, the President warned rioters that "10 years is a long time in jail" after cops prevented demonstrators from taking down Andrew Jackson's monument in Washington DC.

Confederate statues and monuments mark the South's failed bid to keep slavery intact during the Civil War and the pressure to remove them is mounting amid protests over George Floyd's brutal arrest.

"The left wing mob is trying to demolish our heritage so they can replace it," Trump told the roaring crowd at the Phoenix megachurch. "Tearing down status and desecrating monuments."

He said that the attempt to pull down Jackson's statue on Monday, and others around the country, were the actions of a "totalitarian" mindset.

"We stopped them last night – did you see that Andrew Jackson?" he added, revealing that several arrests had been made in the capital. "Ten years is a long time to spend in prison.

"Our heroes are not a source of shame," Trump added, saying the statues and monuments were an "example of greatness."

"Could you imagine if Sleepy Joe [Biden] ever became president?" he continued. "This country would be a mess they would rip down everything."

Addressing the widespread civil unrest stemming from Floyd's police custody death, Trump vowed that his administration would "never cave to he left wing and the left wing intolerance" or "surrender to mob violence."

His comments came after violent clashes between protesters and police near the White House last night.

"It's crazy what's going on," Trump added a few minutes later, after Minneapolis officials voted to abolish the force as it stands, while NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced funding cuts for the NYPD.

"Demolish and defund the police? … I said 'oh, great! I just won the election, that's great."

The President also issued a thinly veiled dig at Barak Obama, saying he was "all over the place" and responsible for his 2016 election.

"I’m only here because of him and Biden," Trump smirked. "I’m only here because of them … If they did a good job, we wouldn’t have been here."

He also addressed the ongoing fight against the coronavirus crisis in the United States, saying 27.5 million tests had been completed – and took a dig at China.

After coming under fire for referring to the deadly disease as the Chinese virus in recent months, Trump bragged about dubbing it the "Kung Fu Virus" before savaging his Democratic opponents on the podium.

"We know that American patriots don’t bow down to foreign powers," he added. "Or left wing bullies … The only authority we worship is our god."

Trump went on to say that handling the protesters in DC was like "handling a baby," adding that they'll face severe and criminal penalties.

He decried cancel culture, claiming the left were "waging war on timeless American values like freedom of speech

"Any one who dare to speak the truth is canceled," he said. "Fired, harassed, abused, deprived of a livelihood, or even physically assaulted

"The young patriots here today don't destroy property: you don’t destroy buildings, you don’t punish dissenters," Trump added. 

"It’s called civilized people," he said, telling his fans that they were "tough."



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