TV presenter tries to fight off masked thieves as they steal £15k camera moments after live report from London street

Europe correspondent Laurel Irving said she had tried to grab the expensive equipment when her cameraman yelled "no, no, he's got a gun!".

The journalist is just the latest victim of London's street violence – with comedian Michael McIntyre menaced by a moped gang before they stole his £15,000 watch in front of his terrified son.

The capital is currently in the grip of a terrifying wave of violent crime, including thieves on mopeds and knife crime.

Laurel told Melbourne radio station 3AW’s breakfast show she had just finished her live cross from street in Islington, North London, to Australian breakfast show Sunrise with cameraman Jimmy Cannon when she noticed two men on bikes.

She said: "I was really busy [prerecording extra footage] and noted that they were wearing balaclavas, which you would think would be a dead giveaway as to their intentions.

“I started talking into the camera and while that was happening one of them walked up to Jimmy, our cameraman, and started talking to him.

“All of a sudden Jimmy took the camera off the tripod and that’s when I stepped in and said, ‘Hey, what’s going on here?’”

Irving added that she’d tried to “grab the camera” but her cameraman had intervened.

“Jimmy said, ‘No, no, he’s got a gun!’ So I let it go and they took off on the bike."

However, Irving did manage to take a photo of the thieves as they cycled away.

The camera is reportedly valued at about $25,000 (£15,000).

Tweeting about the experience, Laurel later added: "Thanks everyone for the love. We’re all good. @7_Cannon was fantastic. The London crime rate though is crazy."

A spokeswoman for Channel 7 told “Seven News Europe correspondent Laurel Irving and cameraman Jimmy Cannon were the victims of an armed mugging in London.

“They had just finished a live cross for Sunrise on Monday evening London time when two balaclava-clad men on bikes approached and demanded they hand over the camera. The entire incident was recorded as pictures were still being fed back live to the Sunrise control room, and that vision has been handed over to local police. Both Laurel and Jimmy are safe and well.”

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