UK set for extreme weather with Storm Diana forecast to bring heavy rain and strong winds, Met Office warns

The week ahead will see a low pressure system moving in from the Atlantic, turning recent frosty climates into soggy downpours.

According to the Met Office, this slow moving pressure system will travel eastward across the UK, bringing with it persistent rain and strong winds but its arrival will signal a short return of milder temperatures.

Storm Diana will linger over the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of the week, before merging with a low pressure area to push unsettled conditions firmly over Britain by Wednesday.

The showers are set to become heavier and with some gale force winds by late Thursday into Friday, with temperatures around 13C in the south and 11C in the north.

Storm Diana will be the fourth major storm system to hit the UK this autumn.

September saw the country battered by Storms Ali and Bronagh, with Storm Callum causing at least three deaths in October.

News of the tumultuous conditions for the working week come after flood warnings were issued for the south coast of England earlier today.

Yellow weather warnings were put in place from Bournemouth to Plymouth, along with forecasts of hail storms.

Below freezing temperatures were recorded in south east England, in Oxfordshire, yesterday night, with the mercury dipping to -6.7C.

And if the chill persists then 2018 could turn out to have the UK's coldest winter in eight years.


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