UK snow forecast: When exactly it will snow this week

UK Weather: Met Office forecast ‘misty and murky conditions’

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Storm Arwen continues to batter the UK this week, bringing with it icy temperatures and snow. Temperatures plummeted as low as -10C overnight on November 28. With freezing temperatures forecast throughout the week, here are the areas that could be in with a chance of snow this week.

The worst impacts of Storm Arwen have now passed, but Brits should still brace themselves for widespread frost and the chance of snow in some parts of the UK.

Storm Arwen brought 98mph winds and heavy snow across much of the UK, leaving thousands of homes without power.

The Met Office’s red and amber weather warnings have now expired, as milder weather conditions have been forecast for the rest of the week.

The Met Office predicts that snow will be limited to upland areas between November 1 and November 3.

For most of the UK, conditions will be mild and wet over the weekend.

But conditions could become more wintery again from next week.

Temperatures are expected to fall again over the weekend, with the Met Office forecasting heavy rain across most areas throughout the day.

These showers will likely fall as snow over high ground in Scotland.

WXCHARTS weather maps show up to 2cm of snow could fall in two areas of northern Scotland on December 7.

Northwest Wales could also see some light snow flurries on November 7.

After a brief break from snow on December 8, the majority of Scotland and parts of northern England are likely to be covered with a heavy blanket of snow on November 9.

Snow could be as thick as 5cm in places, but this will be the last of the snow for a while.

Just one small flurry has been forecast on December 13 for the northern tip of Scotland according to WXCHARTS.

However, long-range forecasts are notoriously changeable, and the Met Office hasn’t predicted such wintery conditions.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast expects unsettled conditions from December 4 to December 13, with wet weather dominating their predictions.

The north and northwest of England could see the most extreme weather, with the risk of gales at times.

Snow could fall over the Scottish high ground where conditions are forecast to remain blustery, with coastal gales possible in west Scotland.

Those hoping for a white Christmas might be in luck, as the Met Office’s long-range forecast for December 14 to December 28 could see some colder snaps.

The Met Office forecasts an increased risk of frost, fog and stormy over this period.

But overall the Met Office said conditions will be milder and wetter than average over this period.

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