UK weather – Britain braced for downpours as tropical Storm Ernesto is set to smash UK tonight

Downpours are set to carpet the UK overnight as the weather system sweeps across the country and into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Northern Ireland will be first to fall victim to Ernesto's wrath with up to 20mm of rain falling on the six counties through the night.

Cumbria is likely to be worst hit later with the Met Office predicting around 30mm showering the region.

Nowhere will be spared the showering as Ernesto makes his wet and wild visit to our shores this weekend.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith told The Sun Online: “Today will see outbreaks of rain in the north as well as breezy conditions

“It will generally be dry further south apart from occasional outbreaks of rain wales and south west with highs of 25C in the south east.

“Tonight tropical storm Ernesto is sweeping in form the Atlantic and moving across the UK overnight.

"Strong winds will gust up to speeds of 40mph or more as with up to 30mm of rain falling on Cumbria tonight.

“It’ll be a humid, muggy and wet evening with temperatures of around 17C making it uncomfortable to sleep

“Sunday will have a cloudy start to the day but the brunt of Ernesto will have passed by then although there will be some rain and drizzle over the south west and north east.

“It will be largely dry by the afternoon with some sunshine developing in the south and west of England and Wales.

“Sunday will see highs of 22C in the north and 25C in the south.

“As we go into Monday, Scotland will be driest and brightest while the rest of the UK remains cloudy and showery.

“We will see highs of 23C in the North and 26C in the South with similar temperatures in store for Tuesday.

“Another and of rain will begin moving across Scotland and Northern Ireland early on Tuesday but will remain dry bright elsewhere.”

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