UK weather: Relief for drenched Brits as thunderous showers to make way for weekend sun

Charles hails innovations to help tackle climate change

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While the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday still predicts some wet weather scattered across the country, Friday to Sunday will be mostly dry with some sunny spells.

The Met Office has said only west Scotland will experience heavy showers today.

They said: “Cloud and rain in the west moving eastwards, although becoming more showery by afternoon, with some eastern areas remaining dry.

“Brighter weather with scattered showers following, parts of north and west Scotland seeing some heavy showers. Quite windy.”

The outlook for Thursday is similar: “Showery rain sinks slowly south across England and Wales but parts of southern England brighter and warmer.

“Sunnier skies follow the rain, but heavy, perhaps thundery, showers in northern Scotland.”

However, by Friday and the weekend conditions will look much brighter, as the Met Office predicts: “Showers across the north will ease on Friday then the weekend mostly dry with some sunshine.

“A few light showers may affect the east on Sunday. Temperatures close to average.”

Temperatures last week reached some of the highest seen all year, however, for this weekend highs of 21C in the southeast are being predicted.

Sunday looks set to be even cooler, with temperatures struggling to push past 19C.

This is still higher than the average May temperature for the UK of 16C, and it seems 2022 could be a year of record-breaking summer weather.

James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, has said: “The overall summer forecast is now pointing towards at least four or five major heat waves.”

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The Met Office is predicting a 40 percent chance of this summer being “significantly hotter than average”, and is likely a result of climate change.

Professor Hannah Cloke from the University of Reading’s Department of Meteorology and Department of Geography and Environmental Science told The Independent: “In recent years, hundreds of people have died, often in cases where vulnerable or unwell people are unable to escape incessant heat for several days and nights.

“Media reporting of weather and climate is critical for public understanding of the issues at stake with climate change, and any policies designed to cope with or curb its impacts.

“The portrayal of potentially dangerous heat as an opportunity for pictures of sunbathers or families having fun on the beach entirely distracts from the reality suffered by thousands of people who are facing poor health and death as a result of homes and infrastructure incapable of dealing with hot conditions.”

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