UK weather sees Storm Florence threaten Britain with 65mph winds and heavy rain – and it may become a HURRICANE

The latest tropical storm is heading towards the US East Coast but forecasters have warned its path is unclear and the jet stream may knock it towards the UK.

Weather experts believe it could change course from its current north-north-westerly direction and hurtle towards Britain bringing high winds, downpours and even some frost come mid-September.

Weather Company meteorologist Amy Hodgson said: "Some operational models forecast Florence to impact the eastern seaboard of the US, whilst others keep it offshore.

"There is the risk of Florence re-curving across the North Atlantic, and transitioning into a mid-latitude low, but the impact that it will have on the European pattern remains uncertain.

"Possible tracks include affecting Iceland, the British Isles to Scandinavia, whilst other model runs track it closer towards Iberia."

After the hottest summer on record, Britain is enjoying a moderately warm autumn so far – but the Met Office predicts cooler and more unsettled weather later this week.

From Thursday to Saturday temperatures are forecast to turn cooler, with a more unsettled mix of showers and longer spells of rain and wind.

Low pressure will also dominate throughout the weekend, with sunny weather dominating the forecast in the South of England but less settled weather patterns in the North West.

Brian Gaze, director of Weather Outlook, also predicted Storm Florence could have a dramatic impact on Britain's weather.

He told the Sun Online: "In the longer term Tropical Storm Florence needs watching because it could have a significant impact on the UK's weather in mid September.

"As it moves across the Atlantic it will interact with other areas of pressure and possibly merge. That could lead to a wet and period of weather the UK."

But he added: "However that's not certain and there will be a lot of very warm air embedded in it, so there's a chance of it bringing another pulse of autumnal warmth."

Met Office meteorologist Bonnie Diamond said temperatures of up to 24C today would be significantly warmer than the average max temp of 17C for this time of the year.

"Today the highest possible temperature would be 24C in London," she said. "Temperatures are set to reach the high teens in Northern England and the low teens in the South East.

"Tomorrow will be another quiet day with sunshine in the East and West of England and East Scotland, while North and West Scotland are more cloudy."

Ms Diamond said tomorrow would reach the low 20s in the South of England, while Scotland and Northern Ireland were likely to see highs in the late teens.

Thursday to Saturday are set to become cooler, with more a more unsettled mix of showers and longer spells of rain and brighter spells.

She added: "At the moment Florence is moving northwest towards the eastern coast of the US and is likely to strengthen to hurricane status into the weekend.

"Regarding the track of Florence next week, the mid-range forecasts are quite uncertain, showing several different tracks and so there is currently low confidence in the exact path of Florence from next week."

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