Unique new Vancouver housing project brings single moms, firefighters together

The City of Vancouver has unveiled a unique new social housing project, built atop a redeveloped Firehall No. 5.

The new Pacific Spirit Terrace development is located at East 54th Avenue and Kerr Street and is operated by the YWCA for single mothers and their children.

It includes 31 units, which are expected to house between 65 and 90 women and children.

“Firehalls have long been a symbol of safety and protection in our communities, and now this firehall will be that same symbol, but in a very different way,” said Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart.

The development includes two and three-bedroom units, which will be rented for between $520 and $1,164 per month.

In addition to supplying city-owned land, Vancouver funded about $11 million for the redevelopment of the firehall, and another $6.5 million for housing.

The YWCA fundraised the remainder of the housing costs.

“Unfortunately the lack of accountability for abusers and non-payment of child support leaves mothers in very challenging circumstances in an increasingly expensive Lower Mainland,” said Pacific Spirit Terrace resident and new mother Andrea.

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