US coronavirus outbreak soon to be deadlier than any flu for more than half a century as deaths soar past 60,000 – The Sun

AMERICA'S death tally from the coronavirus will soon be deadlier than any flu season since 1967, as the number of people who have died passes 60,000.

The country's worst flu season in recent memory was in 2017 to 2018 season, when more than 61,000 people died, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But COVID-19 deaths are set to soon overtaken the 1967 numbers, Reuters reports.

Coronavirus cases in the US have hit 1,052,203, while deaths are at 60,757.


The shocking figure comes as:

  • Thousands ignore social distancing guidelines as frontline workers given flyover tributes
  • The first US dog tests positive for the coronavirus
  • Trump says all international travelers may have to have virus test before entering America
  • Pandemic model shows the US coronavirus death toll ‘will be 74,000’

Unfortunately, the virus death toll is bound to rise, according to a pandemic model prediction.

Current predictions suggest the US death toll will climb to around 74,000 – more than 25 percent higher than previous estimates.

Researchers from the University of Washington revealed on Monday they also anticipate "long peaks" of infection in some states.

"Our forecast is now for 74,000 deaths. That's our best estimate," Dr. Chris Murray, director of the university's Institute for Help Metrics and Evaluation, told CNN.


The disease has now killed more Americans than the number of US soldiers who died in the Vietnam War.
The awful milestone was passed on Tuesday, as the United States coronavirus death toll hit 59,084.

The total number of US troops who lost their life in the Vietnam War was 58,220.

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