Van driver narrowly avoids HGV after suddenly veering across lanes

Reckless van driver narrowly avoids hitting an HGV as they suddenly veer across lanes and road markings to take toll route on busy M6

  • Footage shows the black van crossing two lanes of traffic and two chevrons
  • As vehicle joins the carriageway it almost hits an oncoming lorry in another lane 
  • Shocking dashcam video was filmed at junction 11a for Wolverhampton on M6

This is the terrifying moment a van almost collided with a lorry as it suddenly veered across two carriageways and chevron road markings to change lanes on the M6.

Dashcam footage filmed at junction 11a for Wolverhampton on Thursday shows the black van swerving at high speed onto the carriageway signposted for The South and M6 Toll.  

As it moves to the right across another driver’s dashcam screen the van driver appears to only spot the HGV at the last minute and narrowly avoids hitting it.

A van driver narrowly missed hitting a white HGV (seen close together right) after they crossed two lanes and chevrons near junction 11a for Wolverhampton on Thursday

The van is first seen joining the motorway and sliding over the chevrons into the next lane, which is empty at the time.

However instead of continuing in that lane the vehicle keeps on moving across the carriageway and passes over another chevron towards the M6 Toll section.

The white lorry with a red logo on the side and back is driving safely along the lane to the right of the chevron road markings – but the van still heads towards it.

The van comes perilously close to the side of the lorry, before managing to tuck behind split seconds before the chevron area runs into crash barriers and a grass verge.

The black van moved across the carriageway as the white lorry was driving in the far right lane

However instead of continuing in the first lane it entered the van kept on moving towards the HGV, crossing the chevrons which separate the lanes

The Highway Code explains that chevrons – white diagonal stripes – are to separate traffic lanes or to protect traffic turning right.

It states: ‘If the area is bordered by a broken white line, you should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see that it is safe to do so.

‘If the area is marked with chevrons and bordered by solid white lines you MUST NOT enter it except in an emergency.’

The van veers perilously close to the lorry as it crosses the chevrons on the dashcam footage

Dozens of people commented on the video after it was shared online with many slamming the driver for their actions.

One wrote: ‘What an idiot. It is amazing that people think this kind of thing is acceptable – it could have caused an accident.’

While another said: ‘Wow. I can’t believe the driver just did that. He is either desperate or very silly.’

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