Vapers are 19 per cent more likely to suffer from asthma, study finds

VAPERS are more likely to suffer from asthma, a study found.

Boffins who compared data from 17,000 people found the risk for e-cigarette users was 19 per cent higher.

Professor Teresa To, who led the Canadian research team, said: “We should raise awareness of the potential harmful health effects of vaping and support them to quit.”

"Our study found a significantly higher proportion of those who used e-cigarettes reported fair to poor mental health, 15 per cent, compared to seven per cent of those who did not vape."

The study also showed that vapers with asthma beforehand had increased risk of a asthma attack by 24 per cent.

The World Health Organisation recommended earlier this year that vaping be outlawed in the UK.

The Government is undertaking it's own review into vaping.

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