VIDEO: John Legend surprises busker singing his song in Boston

‘That’s a surprise!’ Shocked busker spots John Legend watching as she sings his hit All Of Me – and the star even gives her a tip and a hug

  • Busker Radha Rao was singing a two-hour set in Faneuil Hall, Boston
  • The 22-year-old performer sang John Legend’s hit song ‘All of Me’ during her set
  • Rao was unaware that Legend was passing by at the time and stopped to listen
  • He removed his face mask, much to Rao’s surprise and gave her a hug and a tip 

A street musician who performed a rendition of John Legend’s hit ‘All of Me’ in Boston over the weekend had one particularly appreciative audience member – John Legend.

The Grammy Award winning singer was visiting Faneuil Hall with his family before his show Sunday night in Boston when he came across Radha Rao performing the hit song.

Midway through the powerful performance, Legend removed his face mask and was immediately spotted by members of the crowd and Rao herself. 

When she had finished her rendition, Legend stepped forward and put a tip in Rao’s box and gave the 22-year-old singer a hug. 

Singer Radha Rao was performing a two-hour set in Faneuil Hall, Boston when she began singing John Legend’s hit song, All of Me – unaware that the Grammy award-winning artist was standing in the audience 

Towards the end of the song, Legend removed his face mask – much to Rao’s shock 

So impressed was he by the performance, Legend left Rao with a tip 

Rao, 22, admitted she did not recognize Legend until he removed his face mask. 

She was unaware Legend was in the Hub performing a concert later that evening. 

Speaking to the Boston Globe, Rao said: ‘What are the odds that John Legend is in town, in the area you’re performing, as you’re singing his song? Beyond believable,’ she said.

She admitted to being nervous, but finished the song, a regular part of her two-hour set at Faneuil Hall, where she has been performing since August.

‘A lot of people tend to ask, “Did you play it because he was there?” And the answer is no,’ Rao said. 

She added: ‘I was playing it, and then he happened to appear after I started the song, so it was quite a shocking experience.’

Legend, 42, is married to 35-year-old supermodel Chrissy Teigan. 

The couple have two children. Last year they told the world their third child, a son, had been stillborn. 

The pair discussed their loss and even shared photographs of their son. 

John Legend, pictured right, is married to supermodel Chrissy Teigen, left. The couple have two children

After putting cash into Rao’s tip jar, Legend gave the talented 22-year-old busker a hug

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