Vile ex-squaddie who battered mum in front of kids over 'undercooked' chicken Kiev gives two fingers outside court as he dodges jail

Scott Howell, 32, who admitted assaulting his ex-girlfriend Michelle Mundt, 32, updated his WhatsApp profile with the picture taken outside Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Wearing a grey suit with a white shirt and tie, Howell flashed his pearly whites in the sickening photo captioned "Get it round ya".

The former Army reserve soldier headbutted Michelle in a horrific attack which left her with a black eye and a huge lump on the side of her head.

A family source previously told The Daily Record Michelle "made him chicken Kiev and potato waffles the night before and he said she under-cooked the Kiev".

The source said: "That whole of the next day was torture for her – nothing but abuse. He headbutted her at 3.30pm. This is what it all stems from – a chicken Kiev."

Michelle's daughter from a previous relationship fled the house during the attack with the couple's one-year-old son.

The source added: "If it wasn’t for Michelle’s dad and step-mum turning up that day, she may not have left the house alive.

"The fact they saw her in this state was her only escape.

"His next girlfriend may not be so lucky."

Sheriff Margaret Liddle gave Howell a one year community payback order, with the condition that he is supervised.

She also gave Howell a two-year non-harassment order, which stops him from approaching or contacting Michelle.

Howell's sentence has left Michelle horrified, who fears he may end up murdering someone.

She told the newspaper: "He thinks he is invincible.

"He showed no shred of remorse and said I had made him do it. When he left the court, they were waving at me."

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