'Vile' nurse who planned sex act with 'four-month-old boy' struck off

Male nurse, 31, who was caught by undercover police officer plotting to sexually abuse four-month-old baby boy is struck off

  • Thomas Harrison, 31, of Liverpool, plotted to sexually abuse four-month-old boy 
  • He told an undercover police officer of ‘fantasy’ sexual act he wished to perform
  • Harrison was arrested after sting operation and jailed for two years last October
  • This week, Nursing and Midwifery Council confirmed he had been struck off 

A paedophile nurse who plotted to sexually abuse a four-month-old baby has been struck off the register.

Thomas Harrison, 31, of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, devised a plan to abuse a youngster with a man he thought was the baby’s father in online conversations.

But the nurse was completely unaware that he was actually chatting with an undercover police officer who was part of a sting operation hoping to catch him.

Harrison started chatting to the cop on dating site Grindr and requested images of his supposed baby son, saying that he had ‘no limits’ sexually.

Harrison, who worked as an adult nurse at Cornerstone Surgery in St Helens, Merseyside, later arranged for the man and his child to visit his home.

He was arrested by Merseyside Police for facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, and was sentenced to two years in prison and put on the Sex Offenders Register for a decade in October 2020. 

This week, the Nursing and Midwifery Council confirmed they had struck Harrison off their nursing records. 

Thomas Harrison, 31, of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, devised a twisted plan to abuse a four-month-old boy with a man he thought was the baby’s father in online conversations

After striking up a conversation with a man on the dating app Grindr in July 2020, Harrison requested pictures of his four-month-old boy.

When asked by the officer whether he would prefer sexual activity with the man or his son, Harrison replied: ‘The baby’. 

He described a sexual act he planned to commit on the undercover officer’s child, before later detailing a fantasy of ‘watching the officer do the same to his own baby’.

After the pair agreed to meet, Harrison sent the officer details of his home address.

When he arrived on July 27, the undercover officer told Harrison to ‘close the curtains’ and wait inside, before a Merseyside Police unit stormed in to arrest him.    

NMC documents, covering Harrison’s hearing on September 17, stated: ‘The panel was provided with a certificate of conviction which confirmed that on 16 September 2020 at Crown Court in Liverpool Harrison was convicted of arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence.

‘The panel also noted that Harrison had admitted the charge against him.

‘The panel agreed that the nature of Harrison’s conviction is very serious and involved a very vulnerable baby who was, in the past, placed at unwarranted risk of harm.

‘It also breached fundamental tenets of the profession and brought the profession into disrepute.

‘Harrison has been convicted of a serious sexual offence involving the attempted sexual abuse of a four month old baby.

‘It determined that a fully informed member of the public would be appalled by Harrison’s conviction, and extremely concerned should a finding of no current impairment be made in light of his convictions.’

Harrison  was sentenced to two years in prison at Liverpool Crown Court (above) and put on the Sex Offenders Register for a decade in October 2020

Harrison, a survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing, initially messaged the man on dating app Grindr before moving to Wickr – an encrypted messaging service.   

After being sentenced to two years in prison, Detective Constable Craig Doyle said: ‘Harrison has shown by his actions that he clearly poses a danger to children, and I am very pleased to say he is safely behind bars today.

‘He will now spend time behind bars where he can no longer pose a risk, and I hope he uses that time to reflect on the seriousness of his offence and the impact it could have had on a victim, their family and the wider community.’

Alongside being struck off the nursing register, the NMC also imposed an 18 month interim suspension order, meaning Harrison must not practise for its duration. 

On making their decision to remove Harrison from the register, the NMC said: ‘The panel noted that the serious breach of the fundamental tenets of the profession evidenced by Harrison’s actions is fundamentally incompatible with him remaining on the register.

‘The panel agreed that the appropriate and proportionate sanction is that of a striking-off order.

‘Having regard to the matters it identified, the panel has concluded that nothing short of this would be sufficient in this case.’

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