Walker furious after being fined £150 by council for feeding ducks bread in London park

A WALKER is furious after being fined £150 by his local council for feeding duck bread in a London Park.

Ealing local Asha spotted a Council enforcement officer doling out the hefty penalty while enjoying a walk in Walpole Park on Wednesday afternoon.

She saw the officer speaking to two walkers next to the park’s pond who had put some bread onto the grass to feed the birds, reports MyLondon.

She claims he then dealt one of them with a £150 fine.

In a Facebook group for Hanwell and Ealing residents, she wrote: "Warning. Enforcement officers are fining people for feeding the ducks in Walpole park."

The news shocked residents who believe that “Ealing Council have bigger fish to fry.”

One said: "How do we register our contempt for this insulting extortion of £150 a time – with Ealing Council."

A second added: "One minute you can feed the ducks bread and the next you can’t. 

“For an age ducks, swans etc have been fed bread by animal lovers and it doesn’t seem to have done them any harm. Better for people to feed them than go hungry."

A third replied: "If the ducks and wildlife are not fed (and there are other options than bread) they will die. 

“There are three growing ducklings in Walpole. I'm disgusted with this."

Meanwhile another joked: "Good to see the council have ample funding to punish the perpetrators of this serious crime. 

“Them duck feeders really bringing down the tone of the area!"

An Ealing Council spokesperson said: “We have spoken with our contractors and they confirmed a single fixed penalty notice was issued to an individual who tipped a bag of bread onto the grass in Walpole Park and then walked away.

"This type of behaviour attracts vermin, so it is discouraged.

“Although throwing food in the water is also an offence under Section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, we have spoken to our contractor to ensure they don't fine people for this unless it is clearly littering.

“The Wildfowl Wetlands Trust provides advice on the feeding of water birds, as an over reliance on a ‘bread’ diet can cause physical harm to the wildlife.

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