Wanted Swedish man caught sleeping in Ikea’s bed department overnight

We’ve all thought about it.

Ikea is just so big, and its furniture is just so inviting that it’s impossible not to picture sleeping over at the store.

That’s exactly what happened at an Ikea store in Uppsala, Sweden, where staff who opened the store on Monday found a man snoozing in the bed department.

The 25-year-old was arrested on trespassing charges. Police later discovered that the napper was wanted on an unrelated crime, according to police spokesperson Tobias Ahlen.

The suspect remained in the store by waiting in the warehouse until closing time, Ahlen told the Associated Press.

The incident is likely giving Ikea executives flashbacks to 2016. That’s when the store had to crack down on a rash of sleepovers inspired by the viral “24-hour challenge.”

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