Washington State declared ‘major disaster’ as almost one in three Americans must now ‘stay at home’ – The Sun

WASHINGTON State was declared a "major disaster" zone today as almost one-in-three Americans must now “stay at home” to stop coronavirus.
Ohio and Louisiana today joined five other states to order lockdowns, meaning more than 100 million in the US should stay inside.

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California and New York led the way with the order, with New Jersey, Illinois and Connecticut following suit as the US death toll hit 400 today.

The order in Washington will help out the struggling recovery efforts in the areas and communities in-state that have been pummeled by the killer virus.

Crisis counseling will also be available through this Federal assistance funding for people who have been traumatized by the ongoing outbreak, which first emerged in Wuhan, China.

While Ohio natives will be staying home to flatten the curve after Governor Mike DeWine's announcement, down in Louisiana Governor Edwards also issued "stay at home" order.

Edwards said the southern state would be in "deep trouble" if residents "demand enforcement" under the order in effect until at least April 12, reports say.

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