We have to cook every meal for our six kids in a microwave after B&Q took seven MONTHS to fit our kitchen

A FAMILY-of-eight have been forced to live off microwave meals and baked beans for months.

The James family say they are at their wit's end after B&Q took seven months to fit their new kitchen.

Dad Aidan James, 29, and fiancé Lauren, 30, who have six children aged one, two, four, five, seven and eight, ordered the kitchen for their home in Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham, in May 2020.

The fitting date was set for June, but the room was still bare this week, Teesside Live reports.

However, B&Q have since insisted the family will have a kitchen in time for Christmas.

Aidan said the family have faced endless delays, with the start date for work on their kitchen being rescheduled four times.

He said the old kitchen was ripped out at the end of October, and since then they have received a barrage of excuses.

Aidan fumed: "It's just been excuses after excuses, from everyone having Covid to his van breaking down, then waiting for a part for his van.

"He then ran out of excuses and would just message due to circumstances.

"So this is where we are. No kitchen since October 29 and only a microwave to feed a family of eight."

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The dad-of-six said takeaways and boring beans took a financial toll on the family.

The situation is frustrated by the fact that one of their children, aged four, has autism and struggles not being able to eat home-cooked family meals.

Aidan said Lauren and the kids are "are fed up with microwave goods and takeaways," adding: "So am I, believe me."

B&Q have offered the parents £200 compensation, which will be issued after the work is complete, Aidan said.

The dad said a kitchen fitter turned up after local media contacted B&Q on December 21.

But kind neighbours have offered to help in case the family can't cook Christmas dinner.

Aidan said: "I cannot be more grateful to have neighbours like we do."

A spokesperson for B&Q said: "We’re sorry that Mr James has experienced delays in getting his new kitchen fitted.

"Our Stockton store colleagues have been working to resolve the situation and we can confirm that Mr James will have a working kitchen in time for Christmas.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

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