Wedding day ends in chaos as guests fight when food runs out

Argy bhaji! Wedding day ends in chaos as guests fight each other when they run out of food!

  • Wedding in Ludhiana in Punjab, India, ended in a brawl after the food ran out
  • Guests, who had free alcohol at the function, launch plates and throw chairs 
  • Several men are seen slumped in chairs and passed out on the floor after brawl

A wedding day ended in chaos, with guests hurling chairs and empty plates at each other, when the party ran out of food.

Video from the event in Ludhiana in Punjab, India, shows dozens of guests fighting each other and launching wicker chairs across a courtyard.

Women and children can be seen trying to hold the men back during the disorder, which local sources said started after guests had too much to drink.

Men throw chairs (left) and run into the brawl as others launch plates (right) during the fight at a wedding in India

One man angrily throws a red plate during the disorder as a woman tries to calm things 

One man tips out the remnants of a dish and arms himself with the empty foil tray before stepping into the chaos.

Another man grabs a young boy and moves out of the camera frame before a third, wearing jeans and trainers, launches two red plates across the yard.

Women wave their arms in the air and try to escape the area as one lady dressed in green is seen heading towards two fighting wedding guests in the far corner. 

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The clip then cuts to the aftermath with men passed out on chairs and several more laying on the floor.

Broken plates and pieces of food can be seen scattered on the ripped up carpet as men walk around lost flip flops and items of clothing.

A local source said: ‘The brawl actually happened over food shortage but it was encouraged by the free alcohol served at the wedding function.’ 

Several men are seen after slumped on chairs (left) and laying on the floor (right)

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