What is Psalm 104?

THE Dean of Windsor will today pay tribute to Prince Philip's "kindness, humour and humanity".

"With grateful hearts, we remember the many ways in which his long life has been a blessing to us," he will say of Philip, who died aged 99 on April 9.

What is Psalm 104?

Psalms are songs of praise to God.

The 104th Psalm has long been known as the 'Creation Psalm', says Old Earth Ministries.

That's because "this psalm presents a poem about the creation of the world.

"It contains several key passages that contains clues about key topics related to creation science, such as the flood, death before the fall of man, and the age of the earth," it adds.


What is the meaning of Psalm 104?

Working Preacher says: "Psalm 104 presents a glorious picture of God as creator and a sweeping view of the world God made.

"The main subject of the psalm is the order of the world and the sovereignty of the God who created and maintains it.

"This subject in turn instils confidence that God can and will order the lives of those who seek God by keeping them in God’s purpose and away from evil."

Manchester Methodists add: "Psalm 104 poetically summarises God’s creation of the world, as found in the first chapter of Genesis.

"The writer mentions what God created each day as a reason to praise God."

The website explains that, according to this Psalm:

  • On day one God created light, Psalm 104:1-2
  • Day two the heavens and the waters, Psalm 104:2-3
  • Day three land and vegetation, Psalm 104:6-18
  • Day four the sun, moon, and stars, Psalm 104:19-23
  • On day five fish and birds, Psalm 104:12,25-26
  • On day six animals, people, and food to sustain them, Psalm 104:21-24, 27-30

No sermon will be delivered during the ceremonial royal service, in keeping with Prince Philip's wishes.

The Dean of Windsor will conduct the Funeral Service and the Archbishop of Canterbury will pronounce the Blessing.

The choir will sing Psalm 104, the dean and the archbishop will lead the prayers, and the Russian Kontakion of the Departed will be sung.

How many verses is Psalm 104?

Psalm 104 has 35 verses.



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