What is the latest Bonfire Night UK weather forecast? Will winter arrive to batter Britain with freezing temperatures?

Will those sparklers be extinguished or will we avoid a washout? Here's everything you need to know about the forecast for November fifth…

What is the weather forecast for Bonfire Night?

With Hurricane Oscar bearing down on the UK across the Atlantic, forecasters are warning Brits to keep their tinder dry if there's any hope of lighting those bonfires.

Met Service forecaster Sophie Yeomans said a weekend of forecast storms will leave much of the UK with unsettled weather, and the risk of rain on the fifth is very real for all parts.

Oscar is tracking for us, but computer models offer a little hope – suggesting it will swing towards Iceland at the last moment.

The UK will still suffer the sting of its tail though.

The North West of Scotland will take the brunt of the winds, with gales up to 60mph.

Yeomans said it was essential to: ""Keep up to date with the forecast because it is changing day to day."

For the rest of the country, while it will dampen spirits, it is unlikely to cause any serious disruptions.

"It won't be a hurricane when it gets here, but it'll have the remnants."

Families out for bonfire night are advised to wrap up warm as the night is going to gripped by cold weather.

Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?

Bonfire Night is celebrated in the UK by the lighting of bonfires, the burning of "Guys" and the setting off of fireworks.

The celebration was actually enshrined in law a few months after the attempt and remained on the statute books until 1859.

Fireworks are also set off throughout the land as they are powered by gunpowder, representing the explosives that were never used.

The only place in the UK that does not celebrate the day is Fawkes' former school, St Peter's in York. They refuse to burn a "Guy" out of respect for one of their own.

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