What time is Boris Johnson’s coronavirus address to the nation tonight? – The Sun

THE coronavirus crisis continues to unfold in the UK as the number of positive cases and death toll rises each day.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address the press once again tonight as he delivers the latest updates surrounding COVID-19.

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What time is Boris Johnson's press briefing today? 

The Prime Minister will be back in front of the nation today to continue the regular press briefings which have been arranged to keep the public up-to-speed on what is being done in the fight against the fight against Covid-19.

The time of the daily televised press conference is usually between 4 to 6pm, according to Number 10.

But it can vary from day-to-day given the workload of the PM in this time of crisis. 

Yesterday’s conference was about 5pm.

What is expected to be announced tonight? 

Boris Johnson will be joined by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak who will unveil an emergency package aimed at protecting workers' jobs and wages as they face hardship in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Sunak has been under pressure from Labour, unions and even senior Tory MPs to do more to help workers and the stalling economy weather the crisis.

For what Mr Johnson, his ministers and advisors have to say will be reported on our live blog, here.

What did Boris announce at yesterday's address?

In yesterday’s Downing Street press briefing, the PM said he expects the tide to be turned in the fight within 12 weeks, as he urged the public to follow social distancing advice and for businesses to "stand by your employees".

He said: "We are going to want people to avoid gatherings where they can transmit the disease. We are absolutely emphatic about that.

"I am confident we will beat coronavirus. I think we can turn the tide in the next twelve weeks."

Boris insisted that through a combination of “ruthless, determined, collective action and scientific progress… we will succeed”.

It was also revealed that the Government was in negotiations to buy a simple antibody test that will tell if people have had coronavirus.

"We are looking to buy an antibody test that says whether you have the disease."

He added: "We will buy hundreds of thousands of these kits as soon as is practical. It has the potential to be a total game changer."


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Why is the government holding daily press briefings?

Boris Johnson and his senior cabinet ministers had been criticised for a lack of regular updates into what is happening with the coronavirus outbreak.

Among them was Sir Keir Starmer – a candidate to become the next Labour leader – who called for daily press conferences.

The Shadow Secretary said he was "deeply concerned" that "ministers have been failing in their responsibilities to provide consistent and transparent public health advice".

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