When is the next UK bank holiday 2021?

BRITS are keen to make June 21 a bank holiday so we can celebrate the 'end of Covid lockdown' with a bang.

In the meantime, check here for the next bank holiday in 2021.

When is the next bank holiday in the UK?

The next bank holiday for England and Wales in 2021 is the Early May bank holiday on Monday May 3.

Cooped-up Brits have urged Boris Johnson to make June 21 a bank holiday.

That's because, if the PM's roadmap goes to plan, a raft of new freedoms will come into place on June 21.

When are the bank holidays in the UK?

Bank holidays in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 2021 are:

  • Friday, April 2 – Good Friday
  • Monday, April 5 – Easter Monday
  • Monday, May 3 – Early May bank holiday
  • Monday, May 31 – Spring bank holiday
  • Monday, August 30 – Summer bank holiday – or Monday, August 2, for those in Scotland
  • Monday, December 27 – Christmas Day (substitute day)
  • Tuesday, December 28 – Boxing Day (substitute day)

There are additional days for people living in Northern Ireland and Scotland:

  • Battle of the Boyne or Orangemen's Day is marked in Northern Ireland on Monday, July 12
  • In Scotland, St Andrews Day falls on Tuesday, November 30

What is a bank holiday?

A bank holiday is a public holiday in the UK when most people are given an extra day off work.

They were given the name bank holidays as banks are closed – and if they can't do business, no-one else can.

Similarly, schools are shut on bank holidays, and transport services are often scaled back.

Booking certain days off work can help your holiday allowance stretch further.

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