When will Airlander 10 launch, how long is it and will it be open to passengers?

But could the distinctive airship soon take holidaymakers under its wing? Here's what we know.

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The new aircraft has been designed with a luxury market in mind

What is Airlander 10?

The Airlander 10 was a prototype airship model that retired in January, 2019.

The aircraft, which can take off and land from almost any flat surface, reached heights of 7,000ft and speeds of up to 50 knots during its final tests.

It was originally developed as a surveillance aircraft for the US army before the programme was cancelled.

The airship was then reassembled for civilian use at RAF Cardington in Bedfordshire.

When will it launch?

After six test flights – some of them chaotic – it was announced that the Airlander 10 would retire in January 2019.

But Hybrid Air Vehicles, creators of the airship, says a new model based on the Airlander will take to the skies by the early 2020s.

And customers should be able to use the luxy models, which can be used for a variety of functions including leisure trips.

“Our focus is now entirely on bringing the first batch of production-standard, type-certified Airlander 10 aircraft into service with customers,” said Stephen McGlennan, the company’s chief executive.

“The prototype served its purpose as the world’s first full-sized hybrid aircraft, providing us with the data we needed to move forward from prototype to production-standard.

"As a result, we do not plan to fly the prototype aircraft again.”

How long is it?

Airlander 10 was 302ft long, 143ft wide and 85ft tall, with a cabin that is larger than most single-aisle aircraft.

HAV believes it could be used for a variety of functions in addition to leisure trips, such as surveillance, communications, delivering aid and search and rescue missions.

The aircraft could be the world's longest – with space for 18 passengers and a member of crew.

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