White couple sue clinic after mum gives birth to Asian daughter in IVF blunder

A white couple are suing a fertility clinic after an IVF mixup saw them give birth to an Asian baby.

It was years before parents Kristina Koedderich and Drew Wasilewski, from New Jersey, noticed years their daughter had "Asian features".

The pair claim a DNA test in 2015 confirmed there was zero chance Mr Wasilewski was the father of the child and that the mistake led to the breakdown of their marriage.

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They also allege the girl, who is now six, developed a blood condition associated with Southeast Asian heritage.

The divorcees say they spent £405,000 for IVF treatment at the Reproductive Medicine and Science at Saint Barnabas in 2012.

Last month Superior Court Judge Keith Lynott ordered the clinic to hand over a list of men who donated sperm at the time they used the facility, report the Mirror Online.

Ms Koedderich said in her court statement her ex-husband cried when he learnt the news, reports NJ.com.

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She said: "I was crying. And I called [IRMS] the next day and asked how — could this be possible? Could this really be possible?"

They are also seeking to know if Drew's sperm was mistakenly used in another treatment.

The former couple are seeking unspecified damages.

A spokesperson for Saint Barnabas Medical Center said to The Patch it does not comment on litigation matters.

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