Who is Jordan McCann and did he attack Thomas Hughes in prison?

RAPPER Jordan McCann is currently serving a sentence after being convicted of drugs charges in Manchester and now has been linked to killer dad Thomas Hughes.

Here's what we know about him.

Who is Jordan McCann?

Jordan McCann is a British rapper and social media influencer who is currently serving his sentence after being convicted of possession of cannabis and cocaine. 

McCann was sentenced to six and half years for planning to supply to Manchester Crown Court.

According to various online sources, Jordan McCann ended his life inside the prison last month.

His family and prison officials have confirmed the rumours to be false and McCann is alive.

McCann’s sister, Annie shared on her Facebook about the ongoing rumors and revealed her brother was still alive.

he thanked everyone who was concerned for the safety of her brother.

Jordan has an Instagram account and has 210k followers. 

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Did he attack Thomas Hughes in jail?

Officials have quashed rumours that the killer dad of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was brutally attacked in prison over the weekend.

Reports surfaced online that monster Thomas Hughes has been “badly injured” during an attack in prison after being jailed for the six-year-old’s manslaughter.

Hughes, 29, had just started his 21 year prison term when the rumours on social media claimed that he had been assaulted while in segregation.

But the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has denied the rumours, stating there was “no suggestion” that he had been hurt.

Unsubstantiated reports claimed he had been beaten up and left in a critical condition at the undisclosed prison where he is serving his sentence.

A spokeswoman for the MOJ said: "The governor of the prison has been contacted. It seems to be a rumour. There is no suggestion there has been an assault."

Both Hughes and his ex-girlfriend Emma Tustin, 32, were jailed for the death of little Arthur after torturing the youngster.

Tustin was caged for life with a minimum term of 29 years after being convicted of his murder and four counts of child cruelty.

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