Will the UK go to war?

UKRAINE and Russia are on the brink of war as the UK discusses imposing further sanctions.

Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine just hours after recognising two regions of Ukraine as independent. But is the UK at risk of war? Here's what we know.

Will the UK go to war?

Putin has ordered his troops into Ukraine after an incendiary speech declaring the besieged nation “belongs to Russia”.

The Russian strongman signed a decree recognising the Donetsk and Luhansk rebel republic in east Ukraine in a move which destroyed peace hopes.

The move triggered threats of new sanctions from the US and Europe and further fuelled fears that Russia could imminently invade Ukraine.



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But there is no suggestion that the UK will go to war.

At the moment, the UK is coordinating a response which the PM says that a "significant package of sanctions" will be introduced against Russia for breaking international law.

No 10 said: “The Prime Minister strongly condemned the Kremlin’s decision today to recognise Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states, and said the move made the Minsk agreements and process unworkable."

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Will I be drafted into the army?

Military conscription is no longer in use in the UK.

This means no one will be legally required to fight in a war if they don't want to.

The last time people were required to do this in Britain was the World Wars.

UK men aged 18 to 40 were required to enlist during World War I between 1916 and 1920, in what was known as military service.

Military service existed in this country up until 1960.

You can still sign up to be soldier with the British Army, as a regular officer or a reserve.

Who could go to war?

Russia and Ukraine are on the brink of war, following a dispute regarding two areas of Ukraine, which president Putin has recognised as independent.

It paved the way for Russian tanks to roll into eastern Ukraine to “secure” ground grabbed by pro-Putin rebels in 2014, with 200,000 Russian troops ready to invade.

The ruthless Russian president had earlier appeared at a press conference sending grave warnings posed by “Ukrainian aggression”.

But Ukraine has vehemently branded the claims an avalanche of “false flag” attacks to give Putin an excuse to attack.

His massive force looked certain to enter rebel-controlled territory in Donbas after he warned The West that talks over the enclave had reached “a dead end.”

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