Woman, 25, begged mum for help in final text before suffering fatal stroke

A young woman who died from a massive stroke had begged her mum for help in the hours before her death.

Niamh Radosavljevic, 25, passed away on September 10 after being rushed to hospital.

Her mum Corale Radosavljevic has spoken about a worrying text she was sent by her daughter asking for her to return home.

Corale told the Liverpool ECHO: “I called her and her voice was very slurred so I got cover for myself at work and called 999 immediately.

"She had collapsed and banged her head on the bathroom floor.

"I had given the emergency operators her phone number and they had called her and talked to her as I was making my way home."

Carole made her comfortable as best she could with paramedics arriving a few minutes later but the mother could not travel with her daughter due to Covid regulations.

She waited a couple of hours before calling the A&E department at Royal Liverpool Hospital to be told Niamh was sleeping.

A few hours later, a doctor phoned to express his concerns over Niamh because she was dropping in and out of consciousness.

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Niamh was sedated to maximise her body's recovery and to safeguard her against choking.

It was initially thought Niamh may have meningitis but tests ruled it out.

Doctors decided to take her off sedation but through the next night and day, Niamh showed very little response.

A specialist finally diagnosed Niamh as having suffered a massive stroke caused by a tear in an artery in her neck.

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Carole said: "We don't know when or how, however, this triggered off an overcompensation in her circulatory system to accumulate a huge thrombosis at the back of her brain.

"They were in talks with the Walton Neurological team at Aintree as to maybe transfer her, however, it was deemed that the damage was too extreme and although they did administer some sort of treatment the prognosis wasn't good."

Niamh was declared clinically dead following the treatment but was kept on a ventilator until surgery could be performed so her organs could be donated.

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