Woman accused of animal cruelty after dog dies from alleged torture

A woman in the United States is facing jail time after animal control officers discovered a dog with four broken legs, a broken jaw, skull fracture and broken ribs.

Victoria Dudnik, 21, was arrested after Animal Control officers entered her home and discovered a dog with a "wound on top of its head" and a "swollen jaw".

The dog was "emaciated", a report read, and the animal appeared to have a "broken hip or pelvis" as the "dog was unable to put any weight on it".

Officers took the injured dog to the vet, who determined it had four broken legs with multiple fractures, a broken jaw, skull fracture and broken ribs, an arrest affidavit states.

According to Weber County Sheriff’s affidavit, the dog flat-lined twice during treatment.

The force later identified the pet as a dog that had been reported missing from the Humane Society, an animal shelter and charity in Utah.

Neighbours told police they had allegedly heard banging coming from Dudnik's house on multiple occasions, and several claimed to have recordings of a dog screaming loudly.

As officers searched Dudnik's home, a police officer reported seeing blood and animal faeces on the walls, floor, and clothing throughout the house.

Dudnik was arrested on charges for cruelty to animals, a third-degree felony, distributing a controlled substance, a third-degree felony, and possessing drug paraphernalia, a class B misdemeanour, according to a probable cause affidavit.

During a police interview, Dudnik allegedly admitted to having the dog, knowing it was injured and not seeking medical treatment for it.

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She is understood to have denied injuring the dog but said she would punish the dog by hitting it on his butt if it peed in the house, it has been claimed.

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