Woman called innocent mother ‘lying s***’ convinced ex was dating her

Jilted woman, 32, called innocent mother-of-three a ‘dirty lying s***’ and told her ‘you’re dead’ in vicious smear campaign after becoming convinced her ex had got back together with the victim

  • Charlotte Bridgeman, 32, from Manchester, repeatedly harrassed Kerry Gorman
  • Bridgeman, also a mother-of-three, called Miss Gorman a ‘dirty lying s***t’
  • Mistakenly believed that her ex-boyfriend was dating Miss Gorman again

Jilted Charlotte Bridgeman, 32, harrassed an innocent mother-of-three in the mistaken belief she had started dating her ex-boyfriend again

A jilted woman subjected an innocent mother-of-three to a smear campaign after she wrongly became convinced her ex-boyfriend had started dating her again. 

Charlotte Bridgeman, 32, who had just split up with her partner, sent text messages, made repeated phone calls and would turn up at the home of Kerry Gorman in the unfounded belief the pair had got back together. 

Over a three-month period between June and August 2018, Bridgeman, also a mother-of-three from Wythenshawe, Manchester, called Miss Gorman a ‘dirty lying s***’ adding: ‘He has told me everything you deserve everything you get, it doesn’t matter because you’re dead anyway’.

She also made false allegations to social services about Miss Gorman and her children. 

Miss Gorman, who used to date Bridgeman’s ex-boyfriend, had to change her phone number and moved addresses but the hate campaign continued.  

In a statement to police Miss Gorman said: ‘I am exhausted with the hassle I got – I just want her to stop making false allegations to social services.

‘These have had negative effects on her children as they had to be asked questions at school after contact with social services was made by the defendant.’

At Manchester magistrates court, Bridgeman admitted harassment but was given a conditional discharge and banned from contacting Miss Gorman under the terms of a restraining order.

A probation report claimed she suffers from serious mental health problems, was a victim of domestic abuse and had been ‘egged on’ by friends into committing some of the offences.

Prosecuting, Robert Lynch said: ‘This is an issue concerning a long-term relationship the complainant had with her partner and they had split up two years prior to him beginning a relationship with this defendant.

‘Since that time the defendant has caused issues with the victim and these magnified when the defendant was going through problems with her own relationship – it escalated round about July and August last year when she and the man finally split up.

‘It revolved round the defendant believing the male did get back into a relationship with his ex – but this was unfounded.

At Manchester magistrates court, Bridgeman admitted harassment but was given a conditional discharge and banned from contacting Kerry Gorman under the terms of a restraining order

‘She contacted the complainant on a number of occasions by phone and messages which seemed to be aggressive in nature towards the aggrieved saying ‘he has told me everything you dirty lying s***’, ‘you deserve everything you get’, ‘it doesn’t matter because you’re dead anyway’.

‘It went on for some time and was eventually reported to the police – in interview she admitted the contact but said it wasn’t harassment. ‘The aggrieved did change her phone number the defendant obtained that and at one stage she changed her address and believed the defendant found out her new address.’

A probation officer told the court: ‘Miss Bridgeman had various mental health problems she had emotionally unstable personality disorder and suffers from paranoia, she finds it difficult to go out of the house on her own she is normally accompanied.

‘I asked her how she had gone to the house if she could not go out on her own and she said friends had gone with her and egged her on.

‘At the time of the offences she had not been taking any medication, she wasn’t taking medication because she was pregnant and sadly she lost the pregnancy. Another feature is domestic violence she was subject to domestic violence from this partner.

‘We find when working with the ladies who are victims of domestic abuse they develop exceptional attachments to the abuser they end up thinking they are so worthless that this is the only person they can have.

‘There was a tit for tat between her and the victim she is extremely apologetic and remorseful she is very distressed, she is a low risk of serious harm there is no risk to this lady or her children, she is deeply remorseful for what she has done, she is now complying fully with her medication.’

Bridgeman was also ordered to pay £220 costs. 

Magistrates said: ‘It has been a life time change for the victim but we were impressed there has been no more incidents.’

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