Woman crashes car, hands baby to bystander before fleeing

A female motorist crashed in Queens on Wednesday night and then handed her infant passenger to a bystander before fleeing on foot, law enforcement sources said.

“I’m going to jail, take the baby,” the woman said, according to one witness.

The woman first hit an SUV near 101st Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard before she blew a red light and crashed again — around the corner, into a stop sign and fence outside of Elizabeth Blackwell Middle School at about 6:40 p.m., witnesses said.

The driver then got out of her silver Honda Civic with New Jersey plates and handed a year-old girl to a female bystander, along with a note with the name and phone number of tyke’s father, cops and witnessed said.

“I heard the crash, and when I heard it, I looked out the (apartment) window. I saw the car crashed into the fence,” said neighborhood resident Karen Nieves, 36.

“She came out with a baby in her hands. She was screaming something. Then she handed the baby over to somebody and ran.”

The woman, who is still at large, left a shoe behind as she bolted away on foot.

She was wearing a pink and orange shirt and last seen headed north on 93rd Street, witnesses said.

The little girl was taken to a local hospital for observation, police said.

Additional reporting by Robert Stridiron and David K. Li

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