Woman warns people NOT to shave their baby hairs as she's left with a 'big a** forehead' when they grow back as fuzz

A WOMAN is warning people NOT to shave their baby hairs as she had a nightmare when hers stared to grow back as fuzz.

The woman shared the warning with her followers on TikTok, as she documented how hers were growing back.

The hair horror warning was shared by TikToker @malridgeway15.

Babyhairs are fine, wispy hairs that grow around the hairline. The texture is often softer than hair on the rest of the head, and they are usually shorter than the length of the hair.

Black and Latina women have styled their baby hairs for decades, and will often slick them back and use product on them.

"i shaved my babyhairs…dont do it yall," she wrote in text over a video.

She showed pictures of her hairline after she shaved them – and expressed regret.

In one picture, she wrote in text: "i will never forgive my self for giving myself a big a** forehead."

She then showed pictures of the fine hairs growing back in as fuzz.

"f**k what do i do," she wrote in one picture as they started to grow back.

In another video, she shared an update as they grew back in longer.


The hair along her hairline is seen less than an inch long, growing in fine and wispy.

People came to the rescue with suggestions for what she could do.

"Try using castor oil to make them grow faster," one person wrote.

Another said: "I think now bangs would be a good style to try…"

One person suggested: "put them in a middle part then pin them with bobbypins."

Kim Kardashian previously lasered her baby hairs – and later said she regretted the move.

In other hair horrors, one woman took her hair extensions out with her dad's pliers.

Another woman lost her hair after getting the copper IUD.

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