Woman’s hair turned white after son, four, was kidnapped from school playground

A mum's 26-year search of her long-lost son has ended in a tear-jerking reunion thanks to the local police's dedicated work.

Wang Ying and her husband, Long Xiping, both worked as teachers in a primary school in Guizhou, southwest China when their "worst nightmare" happened in 1995.

Long Yang, their four-year-old son, was abducted from the school's playground when his parents were busy marking the students' exam papers.

Ms Wang said "her world collapsed" as she recalled the moment.

Since then, the couple went through 26 years of heartache as they continued to search for their son.

On December 21, police officers from the Kaili county found a profile match using their database and notified Ms Wang and Mr Long of their long-lost son.

After DNA confirmation, the family reunited in their hometown.

Video shared on social media shows Ms Wang getting emotional as she walks up to the police station to meet her now-30-year-old son.

She says: "I have been dreaming of this moment for a long time. The more I think of it, the harder I can sleep and eat."

Her niece then comes over and explains how her aunt's hair turned white overnight.

She lifts up Ms Wang's wig and says: "This is too heartbreaking to watch."

The 54-year-old explains: "I couldn't stop thinking of my son. This happened after I lost my son – my hair just turned all white overnight.

"I have been wearing this wig all these years."

Ms Wang and her husband break down into tears when they hug their son for the first time in 26 years.

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"You're here finally! My son!" she cries.

Long Yang later revealed that he was sold to a village in Fujian of southeast China but years later, he returned to Guizhou for work and eventually settled in the city.

Many viewers were touched to see the family's reunion, with one saying: "I can't stop crying when the mum took off her wig to show her white hair."

"Wish the family all the best in the coming years, this is truly a touching moment," a second added.

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