Women call for men who send unwanted genital pictures on dating apps to be treated as sex offenders

Many women claimed they have been bombarded with explicit photographs on social media and dating apps and were often abused when they asked for it to stop.

Model Rebecca Sayers, 29, is just one of the women demanding for more to be done to curb the graphic images from being sent.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live, she said: "It leaves me disgusted.

"If they did this in a public place, it would be a sex offence and they would be arrested."

The call is part of a groundswell in demands for legislation to be tightened – with many saying current laws aren't tough enough to stop men from sending the images.

Under current legislation, sending a photograph of your genitals is not illegal.

Culprits can, however, be prosecuted for offences like harassment.

One woman told the news outlet: "We are all subjected to it yet we suffer in silence.

"Women shouldn’t just be laughing it off though, it is basically cyber-flashing and in my opinion it is criminal and a sex offence.”

It comes as the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee launches an inquiry into the sexual harassment of women in public places.

A woman recently became so fed up with being sent unsolicited pictures of male private parts that she decided to share her inbox contents with her 35,600 followers on Instagram.

She told the Sun Online: "I felt violated and disrespected. It's a violation of my personal space.

"It's an act that is no different from other sexual harassment or assault and I believe that it gives the abuser the same kind of 'kick'."

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