World's fattest boy weighing 30 stone at 10-years-old before 17 stone weight loss shows results of skin removal surgery

A MORBIDLY obese 31-stone child dubbed “the world’s fattest boy” will soon be known as the incredible shrinking kid.

Determined Arya Permana has won hearts and – his bodybuilder instructor hopes – unlocked the door to a longer life after shedding more than 17 stone.

While the teen, 14, is now able to lead a much more active life – now that he's down to 83kg – he has been left with baggy-looking skin on his chest, stomach, back and arms.

The surplus skin on Arya's arms in particular has left him embarrassed and he tries to hide it with long shirtsleeves.

He weighed 423lbs (over 30 stone) at his heaviest, at the age of 10, and struggled to do simple activities like walk down the road to school or even take a bath.

Arya was once so obese he was unable to move from his bed, let alone play with his friends.

The lad baffled doctors nearly five years ago when footage of him playing in a water tank to cool his body emerged from the small village of Cipurwasari in Indonesia's West Java province.

And his parents Rokayah Somantri, 39, and Ade Somantri, 49, were left in despair as he was missing out on school because it was impossible for him to get there.

So, he underwent a gastric bypass to help start losing weight.

Arya also followed a stricter diet and undertook rigorous exercise – at one stage walking three miles every day and playing badminton with his pals.

The teen has become a regular gymgoer, where he's been trained by Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a team of health professionals.

He told Tribun News that Arya had changed his eating habits as he used to enjoy sweet drinks, and tucked into instant processed foods – wolfing down two plates of meatballs in one sitting.

Rai said the boy was a "success story because of Arya's own and his family's behaviour patterns and the medical support that Arya has received so far".

He explained his role was to motivate the boy take better care of himself, and reduce weight in a healthy way to stop him from developing a chronic disease or dying a "premature death".

"Hopefully the Arya Permana story can be a valuable lesson for us all.

"And I hope that children in Indonesia have parents and families who are able to positively influence them so they are willing to imitate healthy behaviour," he added.

Video of him in the gym has racked up about 500,000 views on Rai’s Instagram.

Alexander Gomes joined scores of viewers to praise the lad, commenting: "Good job sir!"

Others applauded his willpower, especially as he is still to undergo more surgery to remove excess skin after shedding 110kg.

Despite the obvious health benefits, the teen is still struggling with his surplus skin and is keen to undergo more operations to make him feel more comfortable.

It's also meant that when he has participated in sports the excess skin rubs and irritates him.

Arya underwent the first of at least four more planned surgeries at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung in July 2019, to reduce the extra skin on his arms.

He hopes to return for further skin removal operations in the future – although with the coronavirus pandemic it's not confirmed when he will be able to have subsequent surgeries.

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