'World's most inbred' family tree reveals four generations of incest including 14 kids with parents who are all related

THE sickening family tree of the 'world's most inbred' family reveals four generations of incest including at least 14 kids with parents all related to each other.

Perverted patriarch of the oddball clan Tim Colt ran an "incest" farm in the Australian Outback where he raped his daughters and fathered their children, say reports.

Now research, based on data published by the Children's Court Down Under,reveals how Tim fathered seven children – five girls and two boys – with wife June. 

The fiend, who died in 2009, also had multiple kids with daughter Betty and his eldest girl Rhonda, the Daily Mail in Australia reports. 

The 38-member Colt clan were forced to live in squalor in a sickening story of incest, neglect, and paedophilia that shocked the world when their story was first revealed.

The children have since been given court appointed pseudonyms to conceal their identities.

The news comes after one of the members of the family – Frank Colt – was found guilty last week of sexually assaulting a teen relative during a visit to the family farm near Yass in 2010.

The offence occurred two years before shocked police discovered the clan living in an isolated camp and the defendant is now awaiting sentence.

The disgusting details of the family –  family moved between rural Victoria, Western Australia South Australia and the Northern Territory -have been revealed after a gag order on their gruesome family history ceased.

Their family tree shows there were four known generations who were living together, including four kids who were the great-grandchildren and grandchildren of Tim Colt.  

His youngest daughter had children to her brother Charlie, a court heard.

DNA testing discovered 11 of those children were the product of parents who were closely related to each another, say the shocking reports.

Also living in the camp were a dozen second or third generation family members who were legally adults so not required to undergo DNA testing.

Three of the late Tim Colt’s daughters have been dragged through court trials, assaulted in prison, and ostracised in communities due to their inbred children – the products of rape and sexual relations with their own father and siblings.

In one Colt trial, Tim Colt's son Roderick was found guilty of raping his niece, who was also his half-sister.

The victim, Petra, was the biological child of Tim and Bettyand was also attacked by her uncle Frank in the back seat of his car during a visit to the family farm in February 2010, for which he was convicted.

She told police back in 2013 that she had never gone to school, lived "in a cult" and that "all my aunts, uncles and cousins have all been sleeping together".

Betty and Rhonda's sister Martha, who openly shared a "marital bed" with her brother Charlie Colt, gave birth to five children.

Their brood were likely fathered by Charlie, her own father Tim and another brother, Roderick, it was revoltingly revealed at her trial.

She was slapped with a two-year prison sentence after concealing the paternity of her kids, who were all proven to be the product of sexual relations with a biological relative by DNA tests.

Martha gave birth to three sons and three daughters, one of whom died, between 1988 and 2006.

She claimed the kids were the product of five casual encounters, a tale a judge called "demonstrably untrue".

The court heard how police intercepts of conversations between Martha and brother Charlie were brimming with "giggling and a degree of sexualised banter."

Charlie Colt – who originally faced 27 charges – was found not guilty on two charges and acquitted, with the balance being withdrawn.

Tim Colt's other two daughters were also convicted of perjury for attempting to hide the identity of their children's fathers.

Betty was convicted of four counts of perjury, one of lying under oath and one of perverting the course of justice, and jailed for 14 months, which concludes in August.

Rhonda also received a 14-month intensive corrections order for perjury which again ends in August.

DNA testing would reveal all four women had children whose fathers were the mothers’ own father or brother, or a half brother, uncle, nephew or grandfather.

Of the original 80 charges originally levelled against eight Colts – including incest, child sexual abuse, indecency against a child and perjury – many were dropped.

Charlie Colt, who originally faced 27 charges – was found not guilty on two charges and acquitted, with the balance being withdrawn.

Although all eight family members were imprisoned after their 2018 arrest, only half have subsequently received custodial sentences.

Suppression orders had remained on the family’s interbreeding practices and rampant sexual interactions as eight family members were before the courts.

Three family members, Roderick, Martha and Derek Colt, filed notices of intention to appeal in 2020, all of which have since expired.

The horrific family history intertwined with incest only began to emerge nearly nine years ago after authorities discovered nearly 40 relatives living in inhumane conditions in an outback bush camp.

They lived amongst an uninsulated shed, old caravans and tents on a New South Wales bush block that was found in 2012.

The Colt children were sleeping in tents without running water, toilets, or electricity, had shuffling gait, and could not speak intelligible English.

The clan spread to remote parts of Australia after the NSW farm was raided.

The Colt family travelled around the country performing at town halls, festivals and country shows, and even produced records with album covers featuring the patriarch and three children.

One sickening album was even entitled a collection of family "love songs".

Many of them have now reached adulthood and have shown marked improvement in personal hygiene and health – but they are still overshadowed by deprivations from their childhood.

Some have low slung ears or misaligned eyes as a result of inbreeding and they look decades older than their actual age.

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