World’s most ridiculously awkward photobombs that just scream cringe

It shows that sometimes the best photos happen to be total accidents or cheeky spontaneity.

From naughty animals doing their dirty business in the background to laugh-out-loud moments that couldn't have been planned even if they tried, this gallery has it all.

Not even a wedding photo was safe as the people in the background stole the show.

Also included in the is someone's ab-tastic gym photo that didn't go to plan because of the nude man in the background.

Here are the best photos that show the perfectly-timed photobombs.

Bare-ly there

Window pane

Necking it

This went swimmingly

Ruff and ready

Double take

Strike a pose

Through the looking glass

Backing it up

Poker face

Pout and about

Call the pole-ce

Golden oldie

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