X Factor hopeful found drunk in car with baby surrounded by booze bottles

An X Factor hopeful who "binge drank without limits" was found drunk in her car by cops with a baby in the front seat surrounded by empty bottles of beer and wine, a court heard.

Olympia Bea Dyson, 25, won through two auditions for the 2010 X Factor which featured boy band One Direction.

She is now struggling with alcohol problems and was arrested twice in just two weeks.

The first was when she was discovered by cops in her car with the baby in Louth, Lincs, 15-miles from her home in Horncastle, and asking locals for directions to Skegness, 25-miles away, Lincolnshire Live reports.

Police said there were empty bottles of beer and wine in her car, and its engine was still warm.

The baby was asleep in the front seat and the child’s car seat was discovered in the boot.

Dyson claimed she had been parked up in Louth for hours.

When police went to breathalyse her, she threw the machine on the ground.

She then pulled the officer’s head backwards and scratched her face with her fingernails as she was arrested.

Paul Wood, prosecuting at Boston Magistrates’ Court, told the court Dyson gave a reading of 102 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, almost three times the legal limit of 35.

Just nine days later, police were called to Market Square in Market Deeping following reports of a drunken woman fighting with another woman.

Mr Wood said Dyson was on the ground, drunk and shouting abusive words when she was arrested again.

The court heard Dyson complained her handcuffs were too tight and hurting her wrists, and when an officer went to loosen them, she kicked her on the right thigh.

Later, in the police station, she was said to have kicked the officer again, this time on the shin.

Dyson, of Horncastle, admitted drink-driving, being drunk while in charge of a child, and assaulting a police officer during the first incident on August 8.

She also admitted being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a police officer in the second incident on August 17.

In mitigation, Linford Fuller said Dyson is “an alcoholic from a family of alcoholics” who “binge drank without limits”.

She spoke to the media in defence of the relative after being arrested on suspicion of aiding the kidnap. The relative and children were found safe a few days later.

The incident happened shortly after Dyson passed through two X Factor auditions, singing Smash Into You by Beyonce.

Mr Fuller told the court that Dyson now suffers with anxiety, depression and panic attacks, which had worsened since her last court appearance.

He said she has very little recollection of either of the incidents, but recognised she had a problem and had contacted agencies to help her with her alcohol addiction.

In January, in a separate incident, Dyson was given a community order, also for assaulting a police officer, and was given an unpaid work order, but had only completed five of the 60 hours which had been ordered.

District Judge Peter Veits told her: “Why should police officers be your battering ram?”

He said she was a “drunken woman who drove with a child in the car” and “deserved a prison sentence” but he was going to suspend it.

She was given a 24-week prison sentence suspended for one year, and was banned from driving for two years.

The judge is allowing her to take a drink drivers rehabilitation course, which will reduce her ban by six months.

She must undergo 25 rehabilitation days, pay £50 in compensation to each police officer, and pay £207 in costs and charges.

He warned her that if she commits “any more offences like this, it will be immediate custody”.

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