Yolanda Hadid says she’s not friendly with Ghislaine Maxwell & didn’t let Epstein’s alleged ‘pimp’ stay with her – The Sun

YOLANDA Hadid has shut down claims that Ghislaine Maxwell stayed at her house before the British socialite was arrested last week on child sex trafficking charges.

The former model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum denied the allegations on Wednesday, saying she does "not know" and has not "ever associated with" Jeffrey Epstein's alleged "pimp."

Dutch investigative journalist Hank van Ess – who is not associated with the official investigation – shared a thread on Twitter, claiming to have tracked Maxwell's location before her July 2 arrest.

Van Ess claimed in a tweet he tracked Maxwell's IP addresses, and said he believed she was in Doylestown, Pennsylvania in November 2019.

He claimed she may have been at a donut shop in the area.

Then, in a now-deleted tweet, Van Ess linked Hadid to Maxwell, alleging she may have stayed at the reality star's home, the Evening Standard reported.

"Why #Doylestown was interesting for #GHISLAINMAXWELL? Here is a possible explanation – she was friendly with Hadid family, (including Gigi Hadid… who had a Dutch mother).

"[The] Hadid's have a farm 10-15 minutes away from the Donut shop," he tweeted.

Hadid shot back, shutting down the claims as she said she never has known Maxwell.

"I just checked our DM’s to see where you could have contacted me for a comment before making such terrible accusations, and you’ve never sent me a message- see screenshot. You have, in fact, never asked for an official comment, but here it is: (continued)," Hadid responded to Van Ess.

She added in another tweet: "I do not know or have ever associated with Ghislane (sic) – the first time I have heard about her or any of this was watching the documentary, like the rest of the world, on Netflix —"

"which became an in depth dinner conversation with my family in which we all discussed how it’s possible that this woman was not already in jail ..?!"

"I have been strictly quarantined with my family, as my daughter is pregnant and is at high risk for catching the virus," she continued, referring to her daughter, Gigi, who is pregnant with former One Direction star Zayn Malik's child.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star added that she only heard of Maxwell's July 2 arrest "in the past couple days" from the news.

She added that Maxwell's arrest was in "New Hampshire, which is multiple states away from where I live."

"So, I’m not sure how I have been brought into this narrative of yours, but I take these false claims very seriously," Hadid added in another tweet.

"Please stop involving me.

"What that lady did is disturbing and she deserves to be in jail for a long time."

Van Ess then sent another tweet to Hadid, asking about Maxwell's alleged location on November 23 – not her July arrest.

"Can you confirm or deny that: that she didn't visit your farm in nov 19?" Van Ess tweeted.

Hadid responded: "Like I previously said, I do not know Ghislane. (sic) No. She was not at our farm that date or ever."

Maxwell was arrested on suspicion of being involved with Epstein's sex trafficking ring.

Although arrested in New Hampshire, she has been transferred to Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center in New York.

She has been charged with grooming and trafficking underage girls.

Hadid was on seasons three to six of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with record-producer ex-husband, David Foster.

In a new Netflix show, David Foster: Off The Record, the producer said despite speculation, the couple's divorce was never about his former wife's illness.

Hadid suffers from Lyme disease – which she was diagnosed with in 2012.

Symptoms can include extreme fatigue and range to neurological problems.

"How can I leave a sick woman? The fact of the matter is, that is not the reason why I left," Foster said.

"It was for a different reason, which I will never disclose, but it had nothing to do with her being sick."

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