Young star of 1980s He-Man movie Masters Of The Universe looks unrecognisable 25 years later

A YOUNG star of the 1980s cult movie He-Man movie Masters Of The Universe looks unrecognisable 25 years later.

Robert Duncan McNeill, now 57, shot to fame when he played the tousled-haired heart-throb Kevin Corrigan in the 1987 superhero film.  

McNeill made his debut aged 22 in the He-Man film Masters Of The Universe in which he played teenage high-schooler, Kevin Corrigan.

In the movie, his character and his girlfriend, played by Courteney Cox who went on to star in Friends, discover a device that is actually a “cosmic key”.

It had been mislaid by He-Man and friends after they used it to open a portal to Earth while fleeing the Sorceress of Grayskull.

Kevin, thinking it is a music synthesizer, starts pushing buttons, unwittingly sending a signal to Skeletor's second-in-command, Evil-Lyn, who prepares a small team of mercenaries to recover it.

The drama unfolds with He-Man ultimately coming to the rescue. 

The moview was panned by critics and it tanked at the box office.

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But is now treasured by some as a classic cult film.

Twenty-five years on and McNeill looks almost unrecognisable.

Perhaps it is no surprise because he is no longer his dashing 22-year-old self from back in the day, rather he is now a 57-year-old father-of-three. 

McNeill, however, continued to pursue his career in acting. 

His sci-fi role in Masters Of The Universe prepared him for his part as chief helmsman Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager.

After this, he started a new and successful career as a director.

He directed the television series Chuck, Resident Alien, The Gifted, and the Disney TV version of the movie Turner & Hooch among many other shows.

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