Are these the worst design fails ever?

From baffling bathroom products to VERY dubious signs, gallery reveals hilarious design fails that will leave you scratching your head

  • People from across globe have shared hilarious design gaffes they’ve found
  • Amusing gallery includes sign which gives off wrong message to local criminals
  • Another fail includes a coach which has an unfortunately placed door 

People from across the globe have revealed the hilarious design fails they’ve captured on camera.

Posted on BoredPanda, the mishaps include everything from unfortunately placed doors on public transport, to signposts which give off the wrong message.  

One amusing gaffe shows an attempt to stop crime on a local street between the hours of 8am-6pm, while another captures a design glitch on a coach door, revealing a rude word.

Others show a confusing soap dispenser, labelled ketchup but featuring a picture of grapes, while a further has invented an animal.  

It’s a sign! People from across the globe have revealed the hilarious design fails they’ve captured on camera. This unfortunately placed message implies that outside of hours, anyone can get up to mischief 

Berry confusing! This soap dispenser, labelled ‘ketchup’ and printed with grapes is sure to leave you baffled

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