Michael Bublé Says Son's Cancer Battle Reset Priorities, No More Ego

Michael Bublé welled up with emotion speaking of how his son Noah‘s liver cancer battle reset his priorities … now focusing on his family rather than his ego and power.

Upon learning his son had been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma at the age of 3 back in 2016 … he explained a curtain was pulled over his eyes — making him realize that while he loved his family, he was tuned in on becoming the biggest and best in his career.

michael buble and son

Speaking to Steven Bartlett on “The Diary of a CEO podcast” … Michael said he promised to abandon his ego … and live a better life if they got through Noah’s health woes.

He also wanted to be kinder and empathetic — and never live his life carefree anymore.

michael buble and son

Thankfully, Noah — who MB shares with his wife, Luisana – is now in remission after undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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